Welcome to Horrortarot.com. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best horror Tarot decks you will find online.

elvira, morticia and lily munster in our horror tarotEvery artwork we create borrows from over 20 years of experience in drawing dramatic imagery along with a great knowledge of the cards by Christine R Aguiar. We work hard at making the best decks for professionals to use, with many card readers around the world experiencing a high level of accuracy in their predictions with our cards.

It’s our wish that you too will be able to conduct great readings and have accurate results with our cards.

A Little About Our Business

zombie tarot Judgement card from Twisted Tarot Tales
Photo courtesy of Gregory Scott @gregoryscott444

We started out with our site Tarotcollectibles.com, (where you’ll find every deck we’ve produced) but wanted to create a site dedicated specifically to our most popular Tarot deck of them all, the controversial Twisted Tarot Tales. We needed a good online home to really showcase the deck and Horrortarot.com seemed to be the most appropriate site for us. We had previously received a lot of enquiries from people who were looking for our controversial horror deck but couldn’t remember the name “Twisted Tarot Tales”. Instead they did a google search for “horror tarot”. With horror not being in our deck’s title, and with a bit of a lacklustre (and very limited blog) on weebly, we weren’t really showing up in horror tarot searches. Not good! I had to turn that around. Slowly but surely I have created this site to showcase the best of our horror efforts in the Tarot world. (the zombie themed Dead Waite has since came into being, and while not horror, our Halloween themed Spooky Cats has a home here too)

Our Illustrations

8 of Swords from the Twisted Tarot TalesIt must be said that of all the various artwork I have created over the years for various industries, the world of Tarot has been the most creative…but only because we’ve given ourselves the freedom to be creative, critics be damned!

In our decks you’ll find everything from cute cartoon cats in Halloween costumes, to giant spiders and Japanese Ghosts, but what sets them apart from a lot of other work out there is that they are all pencilled and inked by hand, giving them that unique look associated with comic books and graphic novels. They strike a cord with people of all backgrounds and ages, from those who enjoy graphic novels, to conjuring up memories for others, of childhoods spent reading pulp back comics.

Our decks are special because we care about the work we put into them. Like anything made by human hands, however, there will be little imperfections here and there. As a lover of art from all genres and time periods, it’s these little imperfections that make it all the more real to me and help me connect with the artist. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it makes the art itself seems all the more “real”.

Dedicated to Our Craft

James Abrams Art TableOur tarot decks have taken anywhere between 6 months to two years to produce.  Our current project that is still being illustrated is the zombie inspired Dead Waite Tarot.

We self publish our work, and what that means for our customers is that they are able to buy truly one of a kind tarot decks unhindered by the decisions of those who aren’t directly involved in the project itself. We’re most happy, and our decks are more creative and inventive, when we have the freedom to pretty much draw and depict anything we want to.

Don’t get us wrong. Publishers can be great to work with and they also have the added bonus of getting your work out there in a much more dramatic way than trying to promote the work yourself but as you might imagine, most publishers may be reluctant to publish a work of art if it is too risque. At the very least, there is the potential that the project must be edited. This could be due to nudity, violence or other offensive imagery, and sometimes needs to be changed for a specific culture, country or market. So, for the past few projects, it was important that they were self published by us.

We may be open to letting one or two of our more general audience decks get the “officially” published treatment, but for now we are content on delivering the best decks we can.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you would like to be kept up to date with what’s going with our decks, we invite you to join our newsletter   or click here to see past issues  . Thanks for reading!