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Elvira Tarot: Well, Almost.

We’ve always enjoyed illustrating Elvira in our Twisted Tarot Tales expansion packs. Since 2016, where she first appeared as our High Priestess card in the main Twisted Tarot Tales deck, She’s starred as our female Magician in our very first expansion pack away from the actual Indiegogo campaign, and has showed up occasionally in subsequent packs.

Elvira Tarot Cards
Elvira’s treasure chest! Just what is she hiding 🙂

While we tackled popular names like The Addams Family, The Munsters and Gremlins, we really felt like Elvira needed her own expansion set of cards.

We consider this fan art in a niche within a niche. Horror is an aquired taste, and we saw, more or less, a vacant space within the world of Tarot. Don’t get me wrong; horror has been done before in Tarot, but from what I’ve seen It was either too grim and horrible, or it was too whimsical. We wanted something a bit more fun, something that would bring back a little nostalgia for books like House of Mystery and The Witching Hour. We’ve built up a bit of a loyal following within the Tarot world with our take on the horror genre.

elvira tarot set of cards
Elvira looks sadly at the empty wine glasses. Some of us know that feeling!

Like all of our expansion packs, this is a very limited edition set (probably no more than 20 sets) of 10 cards, with Elvira is various situations. The cards are

10 of Swords
9 of Swords
Q of Swords
4 of Swords
5 of Pentacles
4 of Pentacles
7 of Pentacles
The World
Ace of Wands
4 of Cups

Elvira Tarot Cards

All being well these will be available mid November. If interested, check back on our main site as this is more likely where they will appear first.

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Farewell Scott Wilson: The Grandpa of The Walking Dead Leaves Us

Hershel Greene in the Walking Dead
The resident grandad!

It is with sadness that we learn about the death of Scott Wilson, more commonly known these days as the man who played Hershel Greene in The Walking Dead.

Wilson has been in numerous movies and tv shows, but one of my favourite portrayals was when he played Pa Angel in 1995’s Judge Dredd. In fact, that’s the first time I encountered Wilson as an actor, and he really played Pa Angel very well.

Pa Angel

Judge Dredd Sylvester Stallone
Stallone as Judge Dredd. Give this cop one dirty look and you’re more or less judged.

There is one great scene where Dredd (Stallone) has been found guilty of killing a news reporter critical of his methods; something we later find he is accused of falsely. He’s being shipped from Megacity One to Aspen Penal Colony and they’re flying over what’s called “The Cursed Earth”, a kind of no man’s land where only the lawless live.

Dredd is being transported along with all the other new prisoners, including Fergee, played by Rob Schneider. We’re introduced to Fink, a member of the Angel family; a group of cannibals who scavenge the wasteland for whatever they can find.

Fink proceeds to shoot down the prison aircraft. As the vehicle falls from the sky in a burning blaze, Scott Wilson, as Pa Angel declares “By a blast of God they perish, and by a breath of His nostrils are they consumed. Hallelujah”

Scott Wilson as Pa Angel in the Judge Dredd movie.
The Angel Family; not a family you’d like to run into if you’re a wee bit portly.

Pa Angel goes on to show his thanks, crying “O Lord, you have blessed us indeed” praising the Lord in a spirit of appreciation. We later find out why.

“Fresh meat. Prepare the supplicant for sacrifice.” declares Pa Angel. Dredd and Fergee soon learn that they’ve been invited to dinner and they are the main course.

The movie didn’t really do so well at the box office, but I’ve always enjoyed it personally. In a later movie version of the comic, Karl Urban dons the Dredd helmet, and staying faithful to the comics, never takes it off. The latter Dredd movie stays more faithful to the comic, but both movies have different strengths.

A Man of God

Being a fan of The Walking Dead, it was great to see Scott Wilson as Hershel. Like Pa Angel in 1995′ s Judge Dredd, who was also a man of God; even if a little perverse, Hershel was the patriarchal spiritual figure of the group that kept everyone from completely losing it.

Scott Wilson in The Walking Dead as Hershel Greene
Scott Wilson as Hershel Green

A good old time Christian farmer type, he initially kept all of his family members in a barn, despite the fact that they had all turned into zombies. We later find out that he was hoping that there would eventually be a cure at some point.

Admittedly I didn’t like Hershel’s death and felt that it was a bit too much. (this coming from a person that draws gory comic art, I know that may seem strange**). Perhaps it’s because Hershel was my most favourite character.

Not only was he beheaded, which was pretty brutal, but his zombified decapitated head came back to life, then had a sword put through it. I don’t know, it seemed disrespectful with such a much-loved character.

That being said, I’m unsure if the comic book version had this particular death. It may have, in which case I do respect TV shows that stay faithful, as must as possible, to the source material. (though I am aware that The Walking Dead TV show does not always stay faithful to the comics)

After Hershel’s death, I felt that the show had lost a great character.

** Note that I didn’t say I tried to ban the show! I leave that  puritan stuff for other people

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Gothic Horror: Card Connections Found In Twisted Tarot Tales

Welcome to Part 3, the final part to our gothic horror Tarot card connections. Please ignore the error in that #13 should really have read #12 and so on. These things happen!

So here is number 11. Serina the Sword Swallower pierces through to the Creepy Pasta inspired Jeff the Killer character in the Knight of Swords. Perhaps hers is a sword that divides opinion?

Christine, the wonderfully talented lady behind thinking up most of these grotesque scenes tells us that the 2 of swords represents the tension that builds up before the 3 of swords; before all hell breaks lose.

Therefore Serina, pictured below, may be swallowing her disagreements, her thoughts. In other words, she’s holding her tongue.

Gothic horror Jeff The Killer Tarot

Here’s our Sheriff Justice card with the Alternative Hanged Man. How’s that for bagging a man! How’s that for roping a man in to do the dishes lol

Gothic horror Tarot cards

Here’s our Sheriff Justice again. She’s managed to rope in a volunteer to give her a helping hand! Hey, don’t laugh!

Gothic horror tarot

The Sword Swallowing Serina in the Two of Swords pierces her sword through to the creepy Hanged Man card with its severed hand. Depending on the question, the card may mean throwing a life line to a man who is stuck in life.

Gothic horror inspired tarot cards from Twisted Tarot Tales

The ghastly, gothic, High Priestess gets a hair raising experience as a jolt of electricity shoots through her from the castle. Maybe she’ll volunteer for Frankenstein’s bride!

Gothic horror frankenstein tarot card from twisted tarot tales

If you’d like to get a deck of our gothic horror style Twisted Tarot Tales for yourself, click here to visit the store, or watch the video below to see the cards in action.

Want to see more card connections? Click here to see Part 2, and here to see Part 1.

If you have any card connections of your own, please share it with us in the comments below.

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Card Connections: Intuitive Ways To Read The Cards

Welcome to Part 2 of our Horror Tarot card connections. In this 3 part blog we show you the card combinations we’ve found so far in Twisted Tarot Tales. Many intuitive card readers find borderless cards helpful, because often they create the kind of free-flowing narrative where bordered cards, by their design, cannot.

If you’re just joining up and missed Part 1, Click here

We continue with number 6 below, where we see the 3 of Pentacles merge with the Lovers card through the “swoosh”. In the 3 we see a kind of mist as the spooky monster comes to life from the artist’s table. Even though it starts as a simple mist in the 3 of Pentacles, it becomes the speed lines of the car crash in the Lovers card.

Horror Tarot cards 3 of Pentacles and the Lovers

In example 7 we see the Sun card, when turned upside down, connects to the Queen of Pentacles. The sun rays merge with the spotlights pointing to the gold loving 50 ft woman robbing Fort Knox.

Intuitive reading: The Sun card combines with the Queen of Pentacles

Depending on the querent’s question, an intuitive reader might be able to determine certain aspects of a situation through these card connections.


Here we see our zombie hunting Granny G merge with the 7 of swords by means of the zombie hordes. While their color differs somewhat, we see in the foreground that the hands extend into the Romero’s grocery store scene. The result would be similar if the 7 of Swords came first, and the 2 of Wands last.


Intuitive Reading. Zombie themed 2 of Wands and the 7 of Swords

In example 9 below we see a corn connection. The mutant Satanto crop reaches the shelves of the supermarket in our Empress card, and here it is growing in the fields. In this case we see the corn merge; from the shelves to the field, in the background.

Through the crop we see a connection in the Empress and Knight of Pentacles card. When is the last time you saw GMOs feature in Tarot cards? See how thinking outside the box = awesome?

Intuitive reading with the Empress and Knight of Pentacles

This one is a little different because rather than side by side horizontally, the cards line up vertically.  Here we see the 2 of Swords and Alternative Hanged Man together.

While she holds two swords in the 2 of Swords card, it could easily be read as a rope, a connection to a net holding a powerless man. (or is he really powerless? If only he’d reach for that knife at his side and cut himself free)

Intuitive reading The Hanged Man in the Horror themed twisted tarot tales struggles to get free


Did you enjoy these intuitive card reading connections? Click here to see part 3, our final installment of our Horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales card connections!

If you’d like to get a deck of our Twisted Tarot Tales for yourself, click here to visit the store, or watch the video below to see the cards in action.

Have card connections of your own? please share it with us in the comments below. In this blog we’ve only shown the connections we’ve found personally, but you may find even more!

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Horror Tarot: Card Connections Part 1

Here’s Part 1 of our Horror themed Tarot card connections for Twisted Tarot Tales: the original controversial horror deck.

These were totally random finds where the cards seem to blend to create one scene, sometimes almost seamlessly. Discover the dead man’s arm coming through the TV and more, but first we have our Lust card, partnered up with our alternative version Ace of Coins. In this case the curtains blend together in these horror cards, almost as if it was part of the scene.

This is our Lust card connecting with our alternative Ace of Pentacles card from the horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales

Next is the 5 of Swords and the Alternative King of Swords. The lighthouse beam shines across into the streetlights in the alternative King of Swords. These are great for intuitive Tarot readings where one would read with the card meanings in mind, but also a kind of “say what you see” approach.

This is our King of Swords card connecting with our 5 of Swords card from the horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales

Here we have the 5 of Swords again, alonge with the Knight of Wands, only this time around the lighthouse beam meets the sun.

This is our Knight of Wands card connecting with our Five of Swords card from the horror tarot card deck

One of my favorites; The badly defeated man in the 2 of Pentacles has just ripped to shreds by the Japanese supernatural creature Bakeneko; a yōkai. The defeated man’s hand reaches into the Ace of Cups through the Television in the hopes of snatching the little girl’s popcorn! Yikes

Our Twisted Tarot Tales cards; the Ace of Cups and the 2 of Pentacles when connected, shows the man in the 2 of pentacles reaching through the TV to the little girl's popcorn

The next set sees another play on the “hand reaching through the TV screen”. Maybe the man in the Alternative 8 of Cups card wants to feed the giant rat some popcorn!

The giant sewer rat in the 8 of cups horror card scares a homeless man. this card connects to the ace of cups, where we see the hand come through the television

If you have sense of humour, you can come up with a lot of great combinations. Did you enjoy these? Want to see more? Of course you do! Click here for part 2

If you’d like to get a deck of our horror themed Twisted Tarot Tales for yourself, click here to visit the store, , see some awesome Twisted Tarot Tales videos or watch the video below to see the cards in action.

Have you found your own Twisted Tarot Tales card connections? tell us in the comments section below!

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Aftermath TV Show

First thoughts on Aftermath.
Aftermath Tv Show promo poster

What’s Aftermath actually about?

Aftermath is a show about a seemingly apocalyptic event where the U.S (and possibly the entire world) is without electricity, internet etc. The family has to somehow survive this new world. At the time of writing I’ve only watched one and a half episodes and so I am not in a position to give too much away.

Going on what i’ve seen in the first few episodes it looks set to be the kind of TV show I would enjoy. Yet there was one character that was really grating on my nerves on the very first episode, and right into episode 2, which prompted this “review” of sorts.

The Matriarch figure

In the show, very early on we are introduced to a strange event taking place in the The Skinwalker in the Aftermath Tv Showform of a “demon” popping out of the body of a local boy the Copeland family had very kindly invited in and given food to. The boy eats the spaghetti on his plate in a very ravenous manner, to the point where he tosses his knife and fork away and proceeds to grab handfuls of spaghetti from the bowl.

Not very mannerly! The young son of the family grabs the local boy’s arm as if to say “hey man, take it easy”. The local boy turns suddenly and stares at the young son of the family, his eyes glazing over. Suddenly he gains superior strength and lifts the family son up by his neck, then attacks the mother. The young son finally grabs a gun, shoots the local boy and lo and behold a bluish black smoke demon seems to explode from his body! Crazy right? More than a little abnormal, maybe even supernatural right?

The family matriarch doesn’t think so. No sooner has this demon ripped itself from the local boy’s body, when she’s now mocking her husband for trying to get to the bottom of what the heck just happened.

As he pours over ancient pictures of myth and lore, she sneers “Don’t you study religion, mythology. What’s that got to do with it” she asks

See what I mean?  The first few episodes of Aftermath will have you rolling your eyes, trust me. By all means it is reasonable to be a skeptic up until a point, but when something bizarre happens right in front of you that can’t simply be explained away, the idea of playing the dumb skeptic seems more like a badly written character, rather than a defiant fingers in the ears “I’m not listening” type skeptic. It’s at this point in time, I feel, that in reality the mother would not be so smug as to sit there mocking her husband for looking up what the ancient texts and mythologies say about demons.

Karen Copeland in the TV show Aftermath
Karen Copeland; the matriarch of the family. A bit of a badass Sarah Conner type

The husband comes to the conclusion that these creatures may be “skin walkers”

I think to myself that while laughing off the demon incident is a highly unlikely position to take, I’ll overlook that. I’m guessing as Aftermath progresses, her scepticism will fade away.

No sooner have I thought this, when there is another scene where one of the family daughters is dragged out of the house by an intruder. The mother runs down the stairs to give chase to the intruder and to get her daughter back. The intruder does an almighty leap into the sky; right up into the friggin clouds all the while dragging the daughter behind him by her leg. By all accounts it is an eye opener and worth a watch, if only for that scene. Totally unexpected and you won’t regret it, although I might have spoiled it for you!

No sooner has the daughter and her kidnapper vanished into the sky, the family take off in pursuit, following the general direction of where both of them leapt off to. Yet here we see again that the mother is still in a state of denial. She goes on to mock her husband, chastising him for quoting the bible and so on.

The Copeland family in the Apocalyptic Aftermath
The Nuclear Family: The Apocalyptic Copelands in their trusty camper van

Having stepped away from the campfire for a bit with her husband, she urges him not to talk about the Book of Revelation, since really he should be hearing “trumpets” if that’s the case (Like we’re to believe she knows about the book of Revelation; it doesn’t sound like she’s ever opened the “good book”). She tells him she wants him to focus on the here and now, to get their daughter back. I don’t know, the way the character is portrayed it’s a little annoying, yet I tend to think I understand what the writers were trying to do with the character, even if a little distracting.

The Unbeliever

In almost every good story there is the character that represents the viewer. Generally this will be the skeptical character in a science fiction story since we would naturally be a little skeptical of something strange in an otherwise “normal” day. The skeptic represents the everyman, and if you’re like me; a bit of a dreamer, you’ll have imagined from time to time “what if such and such happened for real” and when you begin to imagine it, you might imagine the reaction others would have to such an event.

How would you best convey a normally level-headed person’s reaction to the extraordinary? More than likely they would be in a state of disbelief IF the strange event is relayed to them by an eyewitness. Such a reaction might be “you must have thought you seen that” or “you need to get some rest” or the usual things we might say to someone who has gone mad and is “seeing things”. However, if the event happens right in front of your eyes….and everyone in your house has seen it too? Well, by my reckoning, we would skip right past that skepticism part and go right for the “how do we explain this, without pretending it didn’t happen?”

In fact, now that I recall, the mother witnesses a total of two demons coming out of human bodies, and her daughter and kidnapper flying off into the clouds….and afterwards seems to think there has to be some“rational explanation”. My eyes literally rolled.

Possible Spoiler Alert

Don’t read any further if you plan on watching the show, as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

I’ve got to around either episode 3 or 4 and see where the show is going (I think). There are Skinwalkers introduced in Episode 1. Episode 2 brings us a dragon at the end. In episode 3 we’re introduced to Water Goblins: Maori mythical creatures.

I’m guessing that Aftermath will go on to bring to life many different, mythological creatures from various cultures throughout the world. Not a bad concept for a show! I haven’t read any reviews, so I may be off on that conclusion.

Is it worth watching? I’m 50/50 on it. Apart from the badly written mother figure, the show was shaping up to be a really good show. However I finally watched the whole season (this blog entry was written in stages) and felt confused by the ending. The series ends with the family trying to create a black hole. I’m not that knowledgeable on black holes so it was a little confusing. I think it might appeal to the more scientific minded. The idea behind this was that they were trying to suck up all the mythological creatures that had come to life. All in all, a half crazy, but half ok series.

If you do end up watching the show, keep in mind that it only has one season.

Here’s a link to Aftermath on I should note that  I get a little bit of commision as an affiliate if you click through on the link below.

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Halloween Tarot Horrors for 2018

Halloween Horrors

Halloween is almost here, and it seemed like Halloween Horror Tarot cards for 2018the right time to talk about the kinds of horror tarot cards we’ve worked on over the past while. A few years ago years ago we created a deck of cards that triggered some, but delighted others. It was bold and it was controversial…it was twisted.

Twisted Tarot tales has since become our best selling deck and appeals to a worldwide audience. Proof of this came yet again yesterday, when we sold about 3 Twisted Tarot Tales decks to

A Tarot reading cloth for Horror fans
The newly created Twisted Tarot Tales reading cloth. Now in store.

customers in Thailand.

Perhaps this is because the Hungry Ghost Festival is currently taking place in various Asian countries.

A few years have passed since we created the Twisted Tarot Tales and as an artist, it’s a great feeling to see people from various cultures and nationalities appreciate your work.

You always want to see your work have some form of longevity, as I really feel that that’s a sign of a good product. That’s not to say it has to be popular and sell lots of decks to enter into the halls of greatness, or relevancy. I don’t really believe that (I recall the many music bands I’ve loved throughout the years who most people have probably never heard of). For me, I want people to experience the same feeling I get when I stumble upon something really cool.

New Horror Tarot Cards

This year I wanted to add a few more collectible cards to the roster. Every Twisted Tarot Tales deck and bag this Halloween, will come with two exclusive cards which will be retired after November 5th.


Creating Twisted Tarot Tales was, and still is, a bold deck of cards. It’s always a little worrying, a little scary (pardon the pun) when you face opposition from a small, yet very vocal, group of individuals. Had we listened to all the concerns, the threats of boycott and the nasty private messages, we might have declined to finish the deck, or at the very least, watered it down to be another hum drum deck of pretty pictures with no substance.

Looking back, I’m glad we stuck to our guns and shot our

Horror Tarot Cowboy Shootout
And remember kids “there’ll be time enough for counting when the dealin’s done”

naysayers down, in a manner of speaking. (you can almost smell the gun smoke!) Determination and faith rewarded us with our most popular deck of cards.

I think it’s important to walk out on faith and trust that you will find your audience. For the most part, there is an audience for everything and over time we’ve found ours.

Our Halloween inspired Spooky Cats Tarot
Spooky Cats: A more friendly Halloween style deck

We’ve also produced Spooky Cats, a very cute costume orientated deck which is friendly to those who don’t like horror, but love the general feel of Halloween.

These cards are bright and joyful and, near as I can tell, will not offend anyone (although who knows nowadays, right? *rolls eyes*)


We’re also continuing work on the first (I think) Waite Smith themed Zombie Tarot called Dead Waite. Strangely enough, we later found out that “Dead Waite” is a nickname that Aleister Crowley once called his arch nemesis Arthur Our Dead Waite Zombie TarotEdward Waite. Entirely coincidental, but the name works. Despite some opposition from certain people, I will finish the illustrations for this deck and release it to the public in some form or another.

Again, this deck will appeal to those who are able to look at life a little humerus-ly…lol. When all is said and done, it’s those people that I spend up to 14 hours a day (sometimes beyond) for months illustrating decks for, not those who complain at every horror image I draw.

Dead Waite will be our second horror themed deck in our collection.  All in all, we’re really happy with our growing collection of independently created, independently released small print run decks.

To be kept up to date on the Dead Waite deck, visit and like our Facebook page.

To see our Spooky Cats tarot, click here

and for Twisted Tarot Tales, click here.

Thanks for reading